Sneak peek inside Ballpark Village

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Ballpark Village is set to open this Friday.  This first phase of Ballpark Village is set up around a central court yard called Fox Sports Midwest Live. They will be having concerts and you can eat and drink over. This is also where you will enter most of the rest of the venues.

And for several hours Tuesday, it looked like it had already opened. This was media day but is was also a day for employees of the Cardinals and the brewery to come sample the cuisine and get a good look at all the other new entertainment areas.

The phrase we kept hearing Tuesday is that there is something here for everybody and there really is country fans that can enjoy the PBR Bar complete with a mechanical bull. There is also a piano bar and two massive restaurant complexes, one run by Cardinals and one run by the brewery.

Along with having something for everyone, they expect to have something for people from everywhere because they expect to draw a lot of out of state visitors, especially on game days and that, they say, will be good for all of downtown.

Even though Ballpark Village is baseball themed, it is open year round and all day to cash in on both the lunch and dinner crowd.

There is a soft opening this Thursday night with a concert by Third Eye Blind but the grand opening is Friday and they promise everything will be ready.

Along with being a place for all kinds of people, it is also a place for all kinds of weather. A roof retracts to let in the sunshine on nice days and a lot of the side windows roll up like garage door to let the breeze blow through.

This is of course just the first phase of Ballpark Village. They still want to see office and residential buildings here too and they believe having phase one finally open will make it a lot easier to get other developers interested in being part of the project.