Suspect shoots out car windows in Ferguson

FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)-- Residents woke up Monday morning and discovered someone had shot the windows out of their vehicles.

Ferguson police on routine patrol knew something was wrong when they noticed several damaged vehicles, one belonging to a woman who has been a victim of the crime several times.

Surveillance video shows a white or light colored Pontiac, pulling up in front of a house and opening fire, shattering the window of an SUV parked in the driveway.

The owner of the vehicle, who doesn`t want to be identified, discovered the damage when she prepared to go to work Monday morning.

Incident reports show this is the 4th time since November someone has shot the window out of her vehicle and shot a hole in the window of her home, too.

She hopes the images captured by a security camera will do just that.

Officers cruising the streets noticed vehicles with shattered windows on Ferguson Road between Elizabeth and West Florissant at about 5 Monday morning.

By mid afternoon some 20 reports had been filed.

They`re also contacting neighboring law enforcement agencies to find out if they`ve stopped a vehicle that looks like this one.

Again, the vehicle in the video is believed to be a white or light colored Pontiac. If you know something about the crimes contact police.

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