Did an Oklahoma TV Station cut evolution from Cosmos?


ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Apparently, the theory of evolution is still a hot topic in some states.  The TV show Cosmos premiered last Sunday at 8pm on FOX to rave reviews.  The uses HD animation and video to explore topics in science in ways the public has never seen before.

The theory of evolution is only mentioned in the last ten minutes of the FOX network’s reboot of the TV show Cosmos. Host and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn’t even mention the “e-Word” until the final ten minutes of the show.  But, one FOX affiliate in Oklahoma accidentally ran a promo over the topic.

Here’s a transcript of what was cut from the KOKH-TV feed in OKC, “Three and a half million years ago our ancestors, yours and mine, left these traces. We stood up, and parted ways from them. Once we stood on two feet, our eyes were no longer fixated on the ground. Now we were free to look up, and wonder.”

Right as Tyson is about explain our primordial ancestor’s first steps onto dry land, he’s cut off (mid-sentence) by an ad for the local nightly news.

So, many in Oklahoma City were really, “Left to wonder.”

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