New apps to edit photos

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(KPLR) - In Wednesday`s Tech Report Rich Demuro is showing us some easy photo editing apps that`ll make you look like a graphic designer.

Rich Demuro says: "Move over Photoshop! Sure, that application lets you take graphics to the next level... but you can still create excellent looking images without learning any new skills."

Editing pictures used to require a darkroom or a degree in Photoshop, but these apps can help you add text, highlights and more to your photos. Let`s start with Skitch, it`s one of my favorites, since it`s so versatile. Skitch lets you add all kinds of things to your pictures, like arrows, text and highlights. You can also blur out details or add fun smiley faces. Skitch is also great for marking up PDF’s.

It`s owned by Evernote and you can download it for free on various platforms. Want to create a killer Facebook cover photo header image for your blog or an invitation to your kid`s birthday party?

Canva`s got you covered. It`s like a web version of print shop (remember that from back in the day) mixed with cutting edge features from Photoshop. Start with one of hundreds of custom templates, then make it your own by adding text, images and more.

It`s all free, but there are premium elements starting at just a buck. No downloads necessary, just go to

Finally, when all you want is a little text on picture action, fire up Phonto. It lets you add text in over 200 styles, plus you can customize the size, color and theme of your picture. It can also square crop your image so it fits nicely on Instagram.

Phonto is free for Android and iPhone, go ad free, or buy extra images and filters starting at 99 cents.

Rich Demuro says: "It`s amazing how much photo editing you can do in the palm of your hand.

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