Afternoons on 11: Beating Heroin addiction

(KPLR) – On Monday’s Afternoons on 11, a spike in heroin deaths across the United States hits
home in the St. Louis area. Several counties are trying to raising public awareness about
the epidemic.

One local man who tried to help save his friend from the addiction knows all too well the power of heroin.

Addicted to heroin for 15 years, friends tried to help Bryant “hairkutt" Jackson kick his habit cold turkey in one week. After nights of pain and agony he explained getting rid of the demon wasn't going to be that easy.

The treatment "hairkutt" needed turned out to be more than his friends could actually help him with.

Getting high, no longer a desire, but a necessity.

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Kicking an heroin addiction is difficult

Community awareness and viewer email about heroin

Final thoughts on heroin epidemic

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