Ellisville City Council votes to get rid of red light cameras

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ELLISVILLE, MO (KTVI)--Ellisville has just become the first city in Missouri to kill its contract with red light camera provider, American Traffic Solutions.

As of now, the warning signs and the cameras will be coming down.

The Ellisville City Council voted 4-2 to get rid of them.

The police chief has credited the cameras for cutting accidents at Clarkson and Manchester, one of the state`s most dangerous intersections, by 44% over the past 4-5 years.

Still, the city stopped issuing tickets after a state appeals court ruled the cameras unconstitutional in the fall.

If a police officer catches you running a red light, there can be points issued and you can potentially lose your license.

But no matter how many times the cameras catch you, you keep driving, there are no points.

Also, most cameras show a car`s license plate but not driver`s face.  So car owners get tickets in the mail even if they weren`t driving.

But a representative for American Traffic Solutions says Ellisville has options beyond killing its contract.

There`s hope the state Supreme Court will agree to take up the issue later this month.   The cameras don`t cost the cities that use them, ATS splits the revenue from fines.  Still, there's been a reported 6% drop in cities using red light cameras in the U.S.  No word on when the signs and cameras will come down here.

Ellisville considers dumping red light cameras