Lambert getting new baggage system and roof

ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - From top to bottom, Lambert is undergoing a transformation at its historic terminal. A new inline baggage system in terminal one is now fully operational that allows passengers to hand off their luggage at the ticket counter.

A new conveyor system transports luggage from every airline counter, through three new 'explosive detection system' or EDS machines and on to the airlines for pickup to the aircraft.f bags need further screening, the system automatically sends them to a security room for a hands-on inspection.

Bill Switzer - Federal Security Director at Lambert: “They check in at the air carrier and they give them the bag. They just pass it off to them, so that saves them a lot of time lugging it through the concourse here and trying not to run over anybody else here.  It's just a one-hand, one-stop shop, if you will."

A new inline system for terminal two is set to go live in April.

A new skin of raw copper will also replace the original copper roof on Lambert’s historic domed vaults.


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