High school honor student suing parents for college tuition

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MORRIS PLAINS, NJ – A high school honor student and cheerleader is suing her own parents. The teen claims they threw her out and are now making her foot the bill for college. Her dad says it’s not true.

Rachel Canning is an an honor student and cheerleader at Morris Catholic High School in New Jersey. In court papers she alleges her parents abandoned when she turned 18 and are now refusing to pay for her to go to college. This is despite the fact she’s gotten acceptance letters from several universities. Her father tells a different story.

“I know Rachel is a) a good kid and b) an incredibly rebellious teen, and she’s getting some terrible information,” said Sean Canning.

He claims she ran away in November because she didn’t want to follow house rules.

“Living in our house. It is very few rules, there are minor chores, curfews. When I say curfew it is after 11pm.” said Sean Canning.

Rachel did not want to be interviewed She is staying with her best friend’s family attorney and freeholder John Inglesino. He is funding the lawsuit, telling CBS 2 News, “It ‘s the only way the bright and focused teen will be able to go to a college appropriate for her to become a bio medical engineer.”

Rachel, who has a $20,000 scholarship, says the University of Vermont is her first choice.

Reporter: “Are you refusing to pay for her college education?”

Father Sean Canning: “I reject that question on that, the whole premise. We have a college fund available, but it is the equivalent of shopping at a high end and sending us The bill.”

Rachel says she didn’t run away but was given the option of dumping her boyfriend or getting out.

Both sides will be in court on Tuesday. Rachel Canning wants the court not to emancipate her because under the law a parent has an obligation support their children if they can’t stand on their own financially.


  • Todd

    Hate to tell the little girl…she doesn’t have a chance, in court. 1.) she is 18 years old. 2.) her parents obligation to her LEGALLY, ended at 18, 3.). It is her parents choice whether they give her one penny, for college or anything. 4.). There is no contract or legally binding agreement, that ANY parent must pay for a child’s college. 5.). It wouldn’t matter whether or not the parents kicked her out OR if she left on her own, her choices are her own…and not legally or financially connected to her parents anymore. She needs to get a job…get a loan…and find her own way. It might teach her humility and respect.

  • D Scott Horton

    She is telling the whole world that she is an ungrateful bi+ch. Her friends should take notice because if she would do this to her family, she would surely do it to them. Her lawyer should be fitted for a body cast. If I was her dad I would send her to community college and break every bone in her lawyer’s body.

  • Annie

    Here’s a tip young lady: where you get your degree doesn’t matter if you can’t get along with people and you have a bad attitude. Sueing your parents because you are greedy and ungrateful isn’t the way to show how awesome of a person you are.

    You sound like a baby. Do what normal people do and get a job, maybe a couple to pay your own way.

    I don’t blame your parents. I wouldn’t want to pay for you to go to a “high end” school to have you party, get pregnant, and drop out either.

  • Liz Warfield

    I agree, she is a spoiled brat that needs to wake up and look in the mirror. She is not a princess.She is a normal 18 yr old “adult”. You want to go out on your own so you can be with your boyfriend, then let both of you foot the bill and let your parents live their life. It was you who chose to walk out, it’s the price you pay for being a spoiled and ungrateful baby

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