New Boeing deal could affect St. Louis jobs

(KTVI) – Boeing and its machinist union have reached a tentative deal on a long term contract extension that could help save jobs by lowering the costs to make fighter jets.

The leadership of the machinist union is recommending that members accept the deal.  On comments in the summary of the proposed extension, union officials say significant layoffs are possible without a new deal.

One of the big issues at play is that production of the FA18 Super Hornet, which is built in St. Louis, could end in 2016.  And that could wipe out thousands of jobs here.  Production is also winding down on the F15 which is also built in St. Louis and the C-17 — parts of that cargo plane are also put together here.

The new deal would run through July 2022.  The current contract is set to expire in January of next year.

Our partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch are reporting that the agreement would sweeten the buyouts for veteran workers and cut wages for many future hires.  Boeing hopes lowering labor costs will help it convince the Navy to buy more of the Super Hornets.


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