Why is Homeland Security hoardings ammo?

NEW YORK (WPIX) – In Wednesday’s Lionel, firepower and lots of it. Lionel takes a closer look at a few interesting government purchases.

Here`s something to make you go hmmm? Your Department of Homeland Security is buying over 141,000 rounds of powerful sniper ammo, a .308 168 grain powerhouse with a deadly long-range punch due to its high ballistic coefficient. It`s so powerful that it`s sometimes retailed as ‘zombie max.’ and why so much ammo?

Well, DHS explains that it`s to save money. Well, that doesn`t ring true because we`re paying $1.20 a bullet and you can buy a lower grain round for a quarter of the price. And this is an old story.

The DHS over the last couple of years has purchased over 2 billion rounds making some folks think that they must be planning some civil unrest or something. Why? Because the majority of the purchases was for hollow point rounds with one order in excess of 450 million.

Again, DHS said they were for training purposes and not only that, it`s to save money. But not so fast, Sparky. Hollow points cost more and are universally considered unsuitable for training. And what`s interesting is DHS has been buying up so much ammo there have been shortages across the country, causing many to speculate that`s also a reason.

The general accountability office assured us last April that it would be investigating but we haven`t heard anything since. So if the DHS is not anticipating civil unrest why are they buying such huge quantities of this powerful and expensive man-stopping sniper ammo?

On three everybody, hmmm?



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