Why is Homeland Security hoardings ammo?

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NEW YORK (WPIX) – In Wednesday’s Lionel, firepower and lots of it. Lionel takes a closer look at a few interesting government purchases.

Here`s something to make you go hmmm? Your Department of Homeland Security is buying over 141,000 rounds of powerful sniper ammo, a .308 168 grain powerhouse with a deadly long-range punch due to its high ballistic coefficient. It`s so powerful that it`s sometimes retailed as 'zombie max.' and why so much ammo?

Well, DHS explains that it`s to save money. Well, that doesn`t ring true because we`re paying $1.20 a bullet and you can buy a lower grain round for a quarter of the price. And this is an old story.

The DHS over the last couple of years has purchased over 2 billion rounds making some folks think that they must be planning some civil unrest or something. Why? Because the majority of the purchases was for hollow point rounds with one order in excess of 450 million.

Again, DHS said they were for training purposes and not only that, it`s to save money. But not so fast, Sparky. Hollow points cost more and are universally considered unsuitable for training. And what`s interesting is DHS has been buying up so much ammo there have been shortages across the country, causing many to speculate that`s also a reason.

The general accountability office assured us last April that it would be investigating but we haven`t heard anything since. So if the DHS is not anticipating civil unrest why are they buying such huge quantities of this powerful and expensive man-stopping sniper ammo?

On three everybody, hmmm?



  • Wolfgang

    So much stupidity in this, the cheaper rounds are NOT capable of the accuracy needed for sniper training. The “Zombie Max” ammo is not sniping ammo, it’s completely different in terms of bullet loaded and quality of loading. The purchasing of ammo by DHS is not what is causing the shortages, it’s the hoarders and stockpilers who keep buying it all when it does become available, contract ammo is on a long term contract delivered over years so it doesn’t halt all commercial production. I can’t tell if this story is meant to make pro-gun people look like lunatics or not but you certainly are doing just that, these stories aren’t new and are simply the result of normal costs of training and purchasing, honestly DHS spending is probably the least suspicious when there are agencies who get to have almost entirely black out budget.

  • Brandi

    We will b going into world war 3 in our own country!!! We have our so called president to thank for that! I use the word losely!! It says in the bible we will have a world war 3 with a man of differant color guiding us to this blood bath and we will go into a 2nd deppression way worse then the first one!

    • Brandi is a moron

      Please die, stay off the internet!!!! Are you serious, THE BIBLE talks about WW3???? O RLY? before 1 and 2 ever happened?????

  • D Scott Horton

    It’s not about turning the guns on American citizens. It is about increasing demand in order to drive the price up, intended to inflict unnecessary punishment on gun owners who don’t vote for liberals.

  • R S

    The DHS encompasses quite a few agencies. Google them, realize how many of their personnel need to stay proficient for very legitimate reasons (besides the ZOMG!takeoverofAmerica!!!) and stop perpetuating this nonsense.

  • Jacob Gerzenshtein

    HP rounds are not range (not for staying proficient) rounds, they are meant to deposit maximal energy in their target (for devastating their target). Please inform yourself before posting stupidity.

    • chilidog99

      Law Enforcement Officers don’t train with “Range” rounds. They train with the same ammo loads and the same weapons that they use in the field.

      Why would they do differently?

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