Good weather allows St. Louisans to get cars washed & attend festival

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - Finally! It was a day to go outside and not cringe at the cold when you open the door.  Folks who have delayed washing their cars flooded car washes Tuesday. Westport car wash was cleaning up, they were super busy. Andrew Vollmer, the general manager said, “This is our busiest time of the year by far.”

Cars lined up into the street.  No one seemed to mind waiting.  Rod Parran was in line, “I’m just tired of the grim on my car tired of the winter ready for it to end.”  Road salt was caked onto people’s vehicles it was time to get it off before it did any damage.  Mel Pinkley got his car cleaned, “Feels like a new one when you get it washed up.”

Nearby at Waterway Carwash they had many employees on hand.  Amy Hanson was getting her car washed, “I hate having a dirty car.” 20 folks were drying and polishing up the cars and trucks. It has been weeks of slow times at car washes across the St. Louis area. Now it’s time to cash in especially for the workers.  Shaun Nordgaarden is a managing partner at Waterway, ”A lot of college and high school students, they very much look forward to these days these are their big money making days they do work for tips and these are great days for our employees”.

Some folks chose to do the job by hand that was the case at Squeaky Clean in Kirkwood.  Customer Rachel Kausch said, “It’s cheaper and I want to be frugal that way.”

Some car wash operators said business will increase five times on a warm winter day while others said they expected to clean ten times as many cars.