Wentzville Police Department using body cameras

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WENTZVILLE, MO (KTVI)-- When it comes to fighting crime, the Wentzville Police Department is going high tech. The department purchased 36 portable body camera units in the winter of 2012 and since then they haven`t had any problems. Police say the best part is the cameras record in high definition. So far Wentzville Police Lieutenant Emmanuel Borroum says they have 26,000 secured videos saved compared to the 200 monthly they had stored with cruiser dash cams. He also says the cameras are user friendly.

"We`re using Taser Axon flex cameras. We use it because it gathers more digital video than the dash cam. When we used the in car cameras, we didn`t get as much video when officers leave their vehicles. They can take it, download it to an E.T.M or evidence transfer module, and it uploads it to a cloud on the internet," said Borroum.

Wentzville is one of 20 departments across the country using the cameras and the only one using them in the region. The flex cam comes from the same company that supplies the department with tasers. Video can be viewed live on iPads and phones to help with investigations and complaints. Police budgeted and paid $36,000 for the units and say they`re reliable and worth every dime. They also plan to purchase four more for supervisors and could potentially use google glass in the future.

"They are very reliable, the video and audio is contained within the camera and its waterproof. We`re able to get all video all the time," Borroum said.

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