Artist paints with cremated human remains

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KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) — A Grandview artist is getting attention across the country for the way he puts a personal touch on his client’s paintings.

Adam Brown paints art with cremated human remains sent to him. He got the idea almost by accident from a TV show.

He is known for his portraits in the metro and knew he could touch grieving families with a lasting memory.

“It hit me that having ashes in an urn on a fireplace would be a good way to remember that someone died, but having them in a piece of art is a good way of remembering that someone lived,” Brown said.

The ashes would go into the background, Brown said. He dusts them onto any piece he paints – portraits, abstract or landscape – and seals them with a protective coat.

“Whatever isn’t used, I’m very careful to put back in the container and ship back to the client with the painting. So none of the ashes are wasted,” he said.

Though odd, Brown says he hasn’t had anyone say it is wrong for him to do this. Brown admits it is not for everyone, but he is giving families a memory on a wall.

“I know for the people that have them, they love them, and it gives them that constant reminder that they can look at and smile and say, ‘you know, that person meant a lot to me, and I’m glad I have that piece of art,'” Brown said.

Brown has painted portraits and other art for more than 20 years, but this service is only a recent addition. He says he is already getting a lot of interest from retirement homes in the metro.

By Chris Oberholtz

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