What is Bitcoin?

(KPLR) – This week on “The Pulse of St. Louis”, a panel discussion on "What is Bitcoin"?

Everyone is talking about Bitcoins, virtual money that can be used to purchase just about any and everything. Strange Donuts is the first business in the St. Louis area to accept them. How and where do you get Bitcoins and how do you use them? Find out tonight on The Pulse Of St. Louis.

Where can you use Bitcoin and its future?

Can Bitcoin be used by criminals?

Viewer questions on Bitcoin

Panels final thoughts on Bitcoin

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  • Tam

    On the point of criminals using it. Way more criminals use fiat money.

    I’ve paid for my lunch using cryptocurrency.

    It’s the future of money, and anyone not understanding that… is just as bad as those farmers, that didn’t understand how valuable a piece of paper with a kings head on it would be worth.

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