St. Louis to plow side streets on as-needed basis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Since the city plowed side streets for the first time ever this past January, residents are wondering if they can expect the same after this storm, and during snowfalls in the future.

This storm isn’t expected to bring nearly as much snow as the 12 inches that blanketed St. Louis in the beginning of January.  And after receiving mixed feedback for plowing side streets, the city has a new plan in place.  According to Mayor Slay’s Communications Director Maggie Crane, crews will plow side streets on an as-needed basis: for example, if St. Louis gets dumped with a foot of snow again, and if the forecast is so cold that the snow won’t easily melt.

If it snows roughly 8 inches, Crane says street crews will make sure to clear the snow that piles up between the plowed main roads and unplowed side roads.  Tuesday and Wednesday’s accumulations probably won’t require that, but the plows have had other challenges, like the snow starting right before rush hour. 

Crane explains, “It hit at the worst possible time. You got everybody trying to get out at the same time, clogging the streets, while snow is falling at a pretty good clip outside. So our plows are out there, they’re plowing and salting, but they can barely keep up with the rate of snow that’s coming down. So they’ll be out there all night long and will hopefully have clear streets for you by morning.”

Regardless of how much snow ultimately falls by Wednesday morning, if you see a street with a problem area that needs to be taken care of, you can contact the Citizens’ Service Bureau at (314) 622-4800, or tweet them, at @stlcsb.