Bill would make “high five” official state greeting in Missouri

High Five2

BERKELEY, MO (KTVI) – Politicians are known for lots of hand shakes and kissing babies, but this Missouri State Representative will likely become known for the “high five”.

Courtney Allen Curtis, (D) District 73, introduced a bill to the Missouri House of Representatives that would make the high five the official state greeting.

Yes, that’s right, an official state greeting.

HB 1624 reads: “The “high five” is selected for and shall be known as the official state greeting in the state of Missouri.”

The bill has already had a second reading. Curtis’ district covers parts of north St. Louis County, including Lambert Airport, and parts of Hazelwood, Ferguson, Berkeley, Bridgeton and St. Ann. This is his first term. He was elected in 2012.

You can follow the progress of this bill here:

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  • JakeH

    High-five is probably the stupidest idea anyone (in their right mind) ever thought up for a “State Greeting”. Whatever happened to Hello?Or, Howdy — that’s a good one. Ever wonder why folks in other states think Muzzura-uns are such big hicks?

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