Watch video of the new baby colobus monkey at the Saint Louis Zoo

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – The Zoo got a new member this month.  A black and white colobus monkey was born on January 14th.  The Saint Louis Zoo just released this video of the newborn.  The child’s mother, Roberta, can be seen in the video tending to the baby.  Zoo officials are working on determining the monkey’s gender before giving it a name.

The Zoo states that, “Colobus infants are born with all white hair and a pink face. In contrast, adults are primarily black, with white hair encircling their faces and half of their tails. They have a distinctive mantle of long white hair extending from their shoulders around the edge of their backs. Infants will change gradually until they reach adult coloration at about 6 months.”

Roberta is the oldest colobus monkey to ever give birth in any of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Again, the baby was born January, 14, 2014.  That means the one-month birthday will be on Valentine’s Day. So the St. Louis zoo is offering a package, including a stuffed plush colobus toy, a valentine card from you, a personalized adoption certificate, fact sheet, your name on the Zoo Parents Donor wall and Zoo website for a year, a car decal, and an invitation to the Zoo Parents Picnic.

For $40, plus shipping, you can send this package to your favorite animal lover. All proceeds are to help feed and take care of the animals at the St. Louis Zoo. 

Call (314) 646-4771, order online at

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  • Greg

    So I was watching this news article and twice they said “Watch to learn how you can get a mini monkey of your own”. But the one thing they didn’t say was How can I get a monkey of my own?

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