Tech Report: Infiniti Q-50-S hybrid

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(KPLR)  - It's time for another tech report test drive. This is where our tech guy Rich Demuro, gets behind the wheel of an eco-friendly car, the Infiniti Q-50-S hybrid.

Rich Demuro says: "The Infiniti Q50S is packed with just about every piece of tech you can think of. In fact, it nearly drives itself."

My test drive of the 2014 Infiniti Q-50 S hybrid takes me to Las Vegas,  and back. It`s a comfortable sedan with powerful styling, plus a ton of tech.

Rich Demuro says: "This is the first time I`ve seen two touch screens in a car, and they are both equally useful."

The top displays nav and information, the bottom, audio climate and more. For the first time, there`s intel inside, and it shows. The touchscreen looks iPad worthy and is just as responsive.

Rich Demuro says: "We believe it`s absolutely huge opportunity to connect the car to the devices in your life and also to the cloud. But we believe it needs to be done in a very driver-safe way."

A 360 camera view makes parking easy.

Rich Demuro says: "So you can see entirely around your car, plus it`s gonna tell you if something is in your way."

On the highway, it nearly drives itself.

Rich Demuro says: "This is not a self-driving car, but right now a computer is doing a lot of the work, cruise control is keeping me a safe distance from the car in front of me, and another computer system is reading the lines on the road and adjusting the steering wheel to keep me inside my lane."

Another system stops the car before you back up into something.

Rich Demuro says: "Whoa, it stopped it. Whoaa that`s amazing. It actually stopped the car before it hit the cone. That`s pretty cool. Wow."

The Q50 s is a solid hybrid that will satisfy even the most discerning techie, just don`t plan to put too much in the trunk.

Rich Demuro says: "I averaged about 30 miles to the gallon... plus it takes premium fuel. As tested, our Q50S hybrid costs 54 grand. With your tech report, I`m Rich Demuro."

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