Police searching for a man suspected in attacking women off Mizzou campus

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COLUMBIA, MO. (KPLR) - University Missouri Police continue to search for two men who physically assaulted a student Sunday night in her dorm.

But it's a series of assaults off campus that really has female students concerned.

A female student says she was attacked around 2 am Sunday as she was going to bed. The two men forced their way in her dorm room and assaulted her; but fled when she reached for her phone and called police.

Off campus, Columbia police are focused on a predator that has terrorized nearly 10 women in their off campus apartments.

Police say the actions of this serial sexual predator are escalating with each attack.

All of the victims are Mizzou students who live off campus.

Columbia police say the first reported attack happened June when the predator entered a woman's home late at night.

He took off when she screamed.

Similar incidents took place in July and into the fall.

On July 21st a woman woke up to find a man by her bed with his pants down, again he took off when he screamed.

A few days later a woman woke up to find a man naked in her bed touching her sexually.

But the break-ins turned violent on October 20 when the suspect broke in, jumped on top of a victim, and ordered the woman to be quiet. She screamed and he punched her in the chest several times before fleeing.

Less than a week later he broke into another apartment and raped a young college student at knife point.

In the last attack he was almost caught, Columbia police dash cam caught a glimpse of the man they believe who has been attacking women.

He fell off his bike during the pursuit, but managed to get away.