Mayor Slay tweets city will “take action” to pay more than $10.10

Slay Wins Mayoral Election To Become First 4 Term Mayor

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – While President Obama delivered his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, he talked about making 2014 a “year of action.”

During the speech, Mayor Francis Slay tweeted that the City of St. Louis would be taking action to make sure no city employee makes less than $10.10 per hour.

Slay’s tweet came just after the President spoke about his promise to make sure workers who serve the military were given a fair wage.

Mayor Slay wrote on his blog,, all but 19 part time employees for the city earn more than $10.10 an hour and there may be some contracted workers who also make less. But now he plans the change that.

“Tomorrow, I will ask the Personnel Director and the Civil Service Commission to amend the compensation regulation to ensure all part time employees receive a minimum of $10.10 per hour. And I will ask the Board of Aldermen to amend the Pay Ordinance to set a $10.10 minimum for part time employees,” Slay wrote.

Slay called the move a first step, not a final one.


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