U of I students go racist, sexist on chancellor for no snow day

CHAMPAIGN, IL (KTVI) – Why didsome University of Illinois students go on a racist rant against their chancellor, Dr. Phyllis Wise?   Because she decided not to give students and staff a snow day on Monday.

In a mass email sent Sunday night, Chancellor Wise sent out a message saying classes would proceed “as scheduled Monday, Jan. 27,” despite the extremely cold and below zero wind chills.

Mass Mail

Some students did not take the news well and lashed out at the chancellor on Twitter.   They used the hashtag #F***Phyllis to make racist and sexist remarks about the chancellor who is of Asian decent.

@chippendaly tweeted: “Phyllis Wise the Kim Jong Un of chancellors.”

@Kelsbear9 tweeted: “In a room with Phyllis Wise, Adolf Hitler, and a gun with one bullet. Who do I shoot?”

@hailycookk tweeted: “I hop you slip on ice and break a hip”

@narcoleptic_eel tweeted: Yo Phyllis, if people die, that’s on you”

Many of those posts were captured by a BuzzFeed article and went from bad to worse.  Some student made meme pictures of the chancellor mocking her Asian heritage.

Then, there was a Twitter account created called @ChanPhyllisWise.  The account was shut down by Monday morning.

twitter acount created

But not all the comments were bad.  Other students came to the chancellor’s defense calling the #F***Phyllis hashtag juvenile, irresponsible and an embarrassment to the University.

@Kinzak89 tweeted:  “These #f***phyllis tweets are ridiculously embarrassing. What makes me cringe even more is when the brown kids write racist tweets.”

@amandajp801 tweeted: “The fact that people think this is okay is despicable.”

@GrimalkinRN tweeted: “I agree it sucks going to class when it’s freezing. Be an adult. Stay home if it’s safer, but don’t make racial slurs”

AlsoSunday night, a Change.org, petition was created to cancel Monday’s classes.  More than 8,500 signatures had been collected by Monday morning.


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