St. Louisans enjoy brief warm-up, before Monday’s deep freeze

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – It was a chance to get outside and enjoy the weather for a change.   Temperatures were in the 50’s.  Subzero wind chills were just hours away.

“Hopefully we’ve got about another month of this, and it should be over,” said James Bell, Forest Park visitor.

The rush to get outside meant long lines at area car washes.  We found 14 cars waiting in line at the Westport Car Wash on Page Avenue.  

Steinberg Ice Rink was packed.  The ice held up in the warmer weather.  Some skaters stood by the fire pit even though a few were wearing shorts.

Steve Rossel was enjoying the warmer weather before he heads back to work as a contractor.

“If you’re not wrapped up in multiple layers and covered up all your skin, you’re in trouble,” said Rossel.  He said working in the cold was similar to working in the heat because both can be exhausting.

Powerful winds are expected to make the dropping temperatures feel even colder.  Some wind gusts just north of St. Louis reached 60 miles per hour on Sunday night.

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