Electrical fire wakes students at SLU’s Anderson Hall

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Firefighters rushed to Saint Louis University's campus to respond to an early morning fire Friday.

It happened at a nine-story dormitory.  The fire started on the fourth floor of Anderson Hall.  Firefighters say smoke filled the dorm around 1:45am Friday.   Dozens of students live in Anderson Hall.

Moments after smoke alarms sounded, firefighters were on the way.  When they arrived, the fire was only smoldering, but they had to use fans to clear smoke from the building.

After an investigation, firefighters learned the source of the fire was an electrical panel on the fourth floor.

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  • Dustin Paluch

    Just so you know, your news story has quite a few flaws.
    1) Anderson Hall is a three story building an had nothin to do with the fire
    2) The fire happened in DeMattias Hall
    3) DeMattias hall is only six stories
    4) Also, over 200 students reside in DeMattias, quite a few more than “dozens”

    Just wanted to let you know about some of the errors incase you wanted to change them within the story itself.

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