How well did work crews plow your street

(KPLR) – In Tuesday’s “The Way It Oughta Be”, if you’re unhappy over how your streets were plowed, you’re not alone.  

I know there are people unhappy over how their streets were plowed or not plowed.  We’ve heard from quite a few St. Louis residents.

St. Louis is not alone in the complaint department.

New York residents couldn’t believe how some streets went unplowed during the latest round of winter weather.

It turns out the city uses a GPS device to determine which streets have been plowed. The GPS wasn’t working.

I’m glad we don’t need a GPS to tell us which streets have gone unplowed.  Now we just need a plan that won’t remove side mirrors on parked cars.

I’m JB, and that’s “The Way It Oughta Be”.

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