Illinois Department of Public Health wants feedback on medical marijuana regulations

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(KTVI)-- Medical marijuana was legalized in Illinois back in August 2013, but promised that they would have some of the strictest rules in the country.

Tuesday the rules were unveiled in a 4-year pilot program and the department wants you to weigh in.

The Department of Health in Illinois released almost 50 pages of draft regulations online.

This is the first step in a long line of steps, before patients will be able to feel the relief of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana could be purchased in the state of Illinois by late 2014

But before that happens a lot needs to take place, and it all starts with a set of rules.

Patients would have to get a background check, get finger printed and pay $150 a year in order to get a special id .

Jaime Clayton is living with HIV and the price tag may be hefty, but knowing that his quality of life could be impacted by not having to endure rigorous side effects from medications he's taking now is worth it.

The department says they will start issuing cards anywhere from September trough December, but they want to make sure that the right rules are firmly set in place first.

This is the first set of drafted rules and the department of health wants the public's feedback by February 7th so that they can make adjustments.

Anyone who is interested can take a look at a list of the rules at

There is an email address for anyone who has comments and you can submit those to

Once the rules are set in place, the application process will begin, and then the cards will be issued.

As far as who is able to sell the medical marijuana or grow the marijuana, two separate departments are drafting the rules

And 60 state wide stores will sell the medical marijuana.