Hundreds brave cold to apply for new jobs at Ballpark Village

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- There was proof Tuesday morning that it’s still very difficult to find a good paying job.

Hundreds of folks braved the snow and ice and arrived hours early to apply for new jobs in downtown St. Louis.

Derrick Osborne, 48, hopes to be chosen for full time employment at Ballpark Village. He`s been working two part time jobs for the past year.  He`s come to SLATE, the St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment, along with hundreds of others for an interview.

Upstairs SLATE gets unprepared candidates ready to enter the working world by helping with things like a resume.

The jobs at Ballpark Village range from minimum wage to ones that pay enough to support a family.  Those chosen for employment will start training sometime in mid March in preparation for opening day.

Derrick Osborne admits it a challenge working two part time jobs. But he stays upbeat. He`s confident he`ll move back into the full time working world soon.

There are three more sessions during the next five weeks for Ballpark Village interviews through SLATE.

Click here to view the job openings.

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