Little Bao Bao wows them at National Zoo

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(CNN) — Some people drove hours to see a cute little 18-pound ball of fur.

Saturday was debut day for little Bao Bao the panda at the National Zoo in Washington.

At this stage of her life, 5-month-old Bao Bao’s hobbies are mainly eating bamboo and lounging. She is cautious like her mother and pretty laid back, CNN affiliate WJLA reported, citing a zoo official.

Bao Bao (pronounced bow-BOW) inspired lengthy lines, but visitors like Becky Moyer and her family said the three-hour drive worth it.

“We frequent Philly’s zoo. This is something you just can’t see there,” she told WJLA.

A note on the zoo’s website says Bao Bao may not always be visible during visiting hours because she and her mother, Mei Xiang, will have access to the privacy of their den, where Bao Bao has spent most of her time until now.

On Saturday, a zoo employee carried the cub out to meet the public and press. Bao Bao means “precious” or “treasure” in Mandarin.

By Steve Almasy