Healthy snacks to help you keep resolutions

ST. CHARLES, MO (KPLR) – Anika Porter, from Fitness with Anika in University City talked with Elliot Weiler about healthy snacks.

People should weigh- in with measurements at the beginning of their programs and weigh-in on just a weekly basis as well as setting realistic goals for their weight-loss or exercise program for the New Year. People should not put too much pressure on themselves to make instant changes.

She recommends five workouts a week through scheduled training sessions that are on your own or with a trainer.

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· Plan a grocery store list and stick to it as well as planning all weekly meals for you and your family.

· Prepare all meals in zip lock bags, organize cabinets, the refrigerator and freezer.

· Pack foods in lunch box, for the car and for work and carry it with you.  The best types of foods are bite size and easy to access foods.


· Three moderate size healthy meals a day

· Three small healthy snacks a day

Healthy Snacks 

· Popcorn                                             

· Cuties (small oranges)

· Raisins                                               

· Sliced Multi-colored Bell Peppers

· Greek Yogurt                                     

· Trail Mix

· Nuts                                                   

· Crackers/Laughing Cow Cheese

· Pretzels                                               

· Baby Carrots

· Berries                                               

· Kashi - Granola Bars

· Sliced Strawberries topped with Greek Yogurt

· Apples and Peanut Butter


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