Fields Foods taking shopping to a whole new level

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- For the first time the Lafayette Square and Soulard neighborhoods have a full service grocery store.

This might be the first time that suburbanites will want to head into the city to buy their milk, eggs and bread.

They'll not only be experiencing a one of kind grocery store, but also supporting dozens of local farmers.

From the minute you step into Fields Foods, you know it’s not your average grocery store.

From the colorful wallscapes to the food stations and yes, even a wine bar, city dwellers are getting a full service culinary shopping adventure.

The grocery store has also partnered with farmers within 100 miles or less to offer local produce and other locally-sourced products.

The 3700 square feet building sits on what used to be an overgrown, vacant lot across the street from the reincarnated city hospital, now the Georgian condominiums.

It's not just bringing redevelopment to the city but also more than 100 jobs.

And how is this for making shopping easy, you can come in, order a glass of wine, give your shopping list to a store employee and let them do the shopping for you.

If you find pleasure in shopping the old fashioned way, you can enjoy a glass of wine while you browse the isles with carts that have a built in cup holder.

Fields Foods is open for business from 7 am to 10 pm, seven days a week.


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