Commerce Bank to re-issue cards after Target credit breach

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(KTVI) – Officials at Clayton-based Commerce Bank say they’re joining other banks in re-issuing debit cards to customers who may have been victimized by thieves who compromised cards at Target stores nationwide.

A Commerce Bank official says they detected the Target breach before the retailer came forward and announced it last month. New cards should arrive by mail by the middle of the month.

Commerce wouldn’t say how many cards were re-issued, but said it was similar to the number of cards involved in the Schnucks data breach in the St. Louis area last fall.


  • Beth

    We got new cards after the Schnucks incident, and new cards showed up this week in response to the Target case. Neither of them were requested by us, Commerce just did it.

  • Christine James

    My Daughter and myself each got a total of 3 different one’s from Bank of America.That is after the Schnucks one.

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