Deep snow, bitter cold make delivering mail a challenge

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Letter carrier Bob Joseph takes the cold weather in stride. Big strides.

"You get your high stepping," says letter carrier Bob Joseph.  "The best thing I can ask our customers to do is please clear your steps if at all possible. That's the hardest part for us. That's where we get most of our slips and falls and injuries."

In the last two days there've been three non-serious postal carrier injuries due to the weather.

That's a low number considering there are 1,355 postmen and women walking area St. Louis city streets and keeping an eye out for their adoptive neighborhoods.

"We know their routines and when their mail is building up and if they're not at home or they're elderly," says Joseph.  "Sure we know our customers and if something looks out of line to us we'll knock on the door and make sure everything is okay."

The unofficial motto for the postal service says neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

"Safety is our number one priority," says Joseph.  "If we can safely deliver mail we will.  If we can't we're going to curtail your mail until it's safe to do delivery."

So if your mail has been delayed because of the bitter cold, keep in mind there might be icy conditions curtailing your carrier.

"I guarantee we walk at least four miles a day and in this you're high stepping all the way through," says Joseph.  "So it feels like double that on your body.  Your thighs are talking to you by the end of the day."

But you'd better believe that delivery is bound to get through, even if his dogs are barking.


  • Ronn Dunn

    This does nothing but show “Big Brother” that we do not need dailey mail delivery. It’s there job. They need to get over it.

  • D Scott Horton

    The Postal service has gone to Hell. I had the same mail man for years, he knew our names, he even knew our dog’s names. Since he retired we have had a succession of inept letter carriers.

  • VLW

    The USPS is one of the most cost effective and efficient postal organizations in the world. It deliveres letters from New York to California for just 46-cents. Bravo to the employees of the US Postal Service!.

  • Mary Schenewerk-Brown

    As soon as it stops snowing I go out and clear a path for the mailman. I know if I had to do their job. I wouldn’t want to walk through 14 inches of snow to deliver some ones mail. It is only courteous to shovel it.

  • Scott

    I haven’t got mail delivered for three days. The carrier just drove right past my box. Called the Post Office to inquire why. Said they could not get to the box without getting out of the vehicle. But they do get out and bring packages to the door that wont fit in the box. Apparently the street department didn’t plow close enough to the side of the road. so I had to shovel the street. BS.

  • Billy woods

    If your carrier cannot get to your mailbox, postal regulations are carriers are not to deliver the mail. They can be fired for doing. Now if you have packages or something that needs to be signed, that goes to your door not your mailbox. If you don’t want to clean near your box then goto and put your mail on hold. To the guy that says it’s their job, yes it’s their job to deliver mail but it’s your job to provide a safe place for the carrier to get to your mailbox.

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