New training system for St. Ann police could save lives

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ST. ANN, MO (KTVI)-- St. Ann Police will soon install state of the art learning technology that could save the lives of citizens and cops.  It teaches officers when and when not to fire their guns, if officers don’t react correctly the device will even fire back at them.

St. Ann Police Chief Aaron Jimenez said, “We’ll be the first ones in the state of Missouri to have it.”

It's called Training Lab.  The video technology puts police officers in the middle real life shoot or don’t shoot situations. The set-up is so sophisticated cameras are also trained on the officers.

St. Ann Police Captain John Lankford said, “The cameras are watching you taking your facial expression, you’re yelling your voice commands and react off that also.”

If they expose too much of their body to the video gunman, the computer fires a nerf like ball at the officers.  There are literally hundreds of scenarios that cops can take part in.  Captain Lankford said, “It comes with up to 800 scenarios downloads right now and about every six months they sends us two hundred more.”

The system will be set up in a building that’s being remodeled behind the police department. It’s not costing taxpayers a penny. It’s all being paid for with confiscated drug money.  St Ann cops helped bring in a million dollars in drug cash last year.   Chief Jimenez said, “What’s great is it costs drug dealers everything we took their cars their money, and they lost their freedom.” 

St. Ann Police received a $170,000 share of the drug money.

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