Crisis Nursery workers man care centers despite severe weather

WENTZVILLE, MO (KPLR)-- Road crews aren`t the only ones working long shifts and manning operations around the clock during this winter storm. Health care facilities need adequate staff to care for patients and others in need.

The Crisis Nursery, a not for profit agency that cares for children in crisis situations, runs 24-7 operations in five locations in the St. Louis area. Parents facing emergencies from stress to homelessness to hospitalization can receive free care for children from birth to 12 years of age.

During the past 72 hours six children came to the Wentzville facility due to severe weather issues. Program Operations manager Brittany McDonnell said staff and volunteers stepped in to fill any vacancies of employees who were unable to get to work.

"We`re here for a purpose. Everybody wants to be here for our families," she said. If needed, the agency will transport children from one center to another in order to find a bed for the child. "We had staff that actually worked for 16 hours," McDonnell explained.

Anyone who needs help or would like to volunteer with the agency can call the Crisis Nursery at 314-768-3201 or 636-947-0600( in St. Charles)
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