Business warming up for heating & cooling companies

Posted on: 6:23 pm, January 2, 2014, by

(KTVI)– Forgetting your furnace might find you fuming come Monday.

“Our design, we only design furnaces for zero,” says Robert Hoffmann, owner of Hoffmann Brothers Heating & Cooling.  “So this is going to exceed a lot of furnaces capabilities.  So if your house is just a little cold, it’s not abnormal.”

Not abnormal when subzero temperatures are on the way come Monday.

“We’re going to go from 30 calls a day to probably close to 100 calls a day,” said Hoffmann.

And just when you need your furnace the most, is when it’s at its biggest risk.

“Yeah well it stresses it out,” says Hoffmann.  “The units have to work as hard as they can and people who haven’t kept up on their maintenance or gotten a little behind with those furnaces it’ll show up.”

What you can do is change your furnace filter.

For the average home, that’s about six times a year.

And keep the front of the furnace clear; which you’re required to do.

Besides that, leave it up to the experts and have it serviced once a year.

“You’re dealing with natural gas,” says Hoffmann.  “You’re dealing with potential carbon monoxide, you want somebody in your house that`s been trained, has experience and the right tools to check out your furnace.”

And as the temps drop, you can lower your thermostat to increase your pocketbook.

“Every degree is about two percent off your utility bill that you can lower your thermostat,” says Hoffmann.  “Dress a little warmer. Especially when you’re out, but I wouldn’t go any lower than 65 degrees.”

So don’t forget about your furnace, otherwise you’ll be keeping heating and cooling companies busy this weekend.