Subway worker talks about failed robbery caught on video

Posted on: 9:47 pm, December 31, 2013, by

NORTHWOODS, MO (KTVI) – No shirt. No sandwich. No money.

That’s how it ended for a would-be robber at a Northwoods Subway restaurant after an employee fought him off.

The suspect is behind bars Tuesday, but the employee was back to work and told us his story.

It’s the video it seems that everyone is talking about. It was the day after Christmas when a guy picked the wrong place to stick up.

With a gun pointed at him, Sied Mohammund refused to hand over the money.

The angry thief jumped over the counter and went after Sied.

After the melee, the bad guy limped away without his shirt, his jacket and the cash register’s money, but he did leave behind a memorable scene on video.

As soon as FOX 2 aired the video Monday night, Northwood police were swamped with phone calls about who this shirtless bandit may be.

With the suspect now in jail, family, friends and many others call Sied a hero for what he did.

Investigators learned the suspect was already in custody in a St. Louis city jail on other charges. Police say the suspect may be responsible for other robberies.


  • lamz633 says:

    I hope that this worthless bum stays i jail for a long time. Bum is probably too high of a rating as his friends don’t even like him!

  • kenny morrow says:

    There is only one problem with this video and that is , Sied needs a sharper blade because this robber should have been sliced open after pulling a gun on him.

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