Woman cuts man’s genitals with box cutter, accuses him of molesting daughter

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(KTVI) – Police in Indiana arrested a woman who says she was high on marijuana and possibly others drugs when she cut a man’s penis with a box cutter.

The woman and two other people trapped the 18-year-old man in a trailer and accused him of molesting the woman’s 2-year-old daughter. She told him he could either voluntarily drop his pants and let her cut his penis, or the other two people would hold him downand she would cut it off entirely.

He dropped his pants and was able to strike her hand away, but ended up with a cut anyway.

Read the full story here: Police: Woman cut man’s penis with box cutter over molestation claim

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  • This woman doesn’t need to be sent to jail at all………..IF this man did do it, Then she needs to be paid very very……………Because when they go in front of a judge, Courts slab there hands and tells them to go home and be a god little good boy………..If the courts was to hand down a 50 year prison scented…….On any kind of Child molesting, They need to be sent to prison, Longer prison, Then what they going now.

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