Dogs rescued from freezing weather in Washington Park, IL

Posted on: 6:47 pm, December 30, 2013, by

WASHINGTON PARK, IL (KTVI) – Three dogs chained to an abandoned house appeared to be part of a dog fighting ring in Washington Park, Illinois.

FOX 2 captured exclusive video of Randy Grim and other colleagues with his group Stray Rescue removing the dogs. 

Inside the house, a dog remained chained, surrounded by trash. 

Neighbors said they don’t know who owned the dogs. 

Grim and his team fear the dogs would’ve died on their chains if not saved Monday. 

He also says it looks like the dogs were being kept to fight, “With chains that could pull a house, so there’s something shady going on right away. I checked and looks like there was water for one of the dogs, but the water was completely frozen.”

Stray Rescue also found a puppy abandoned in East St. Louis.