Despite warm weekend, ice choking Illinois River

Posted on: 9:26 pm, December 30, 2013, by

ALTON, IL (KTVI) – Ice chunks in the Illinois River forced the Kampsville Ferry to temporarily shut down on Monday.   IDOT officials are also keeping a close eye on the water near the Brussels Ferry.  The Brussels Ferry remained opened Monday, even though there was some forming.

The manager of the Kampsville Inn watched Monday morning as the ferry workers tried to clear a path.

“They were out there chipping the ice,” explained Debbie Becker.  “They want it open as much as we want it open.”

Many customers use the ferry to get to the Inn.

“They come from Carrollton, Jacksonville and even Springfield,” said bartender Mark Becker.

The only way they can get around the ice chunks is to wait for the ice to melt or drive to the nearest bridge.

The couple hopes the ice melts as quickly as it formed.

“I was surprised when the ferry closed this morning after being 50 degrees Saturday,” said Mark.

Debbie said the one positive twist on the frozen river is eagle watching, “We can watch the eagles better because they get on the ice and they get in and get fish and that’s kind of neat.”