Two Christmas crimes under investigation in Fenton

Posted on: 6:14 pm, December 20, 2013, by

FENTON, MO (KTVI)– Two Christmas crimes are under investigation in Fenton.  Both cases involved stealing, one from a big box store, and the other from the Salvation Army.

Tiffany Fulbright, 18, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor stealing and destruction of property. 

It all began outside a Shop N Save in Fenton. Police said Fulbright and a juvenile accomplice pulled up in cars and cased the area.

Shanna Bah a St. Louis County Police officer said, “The suspects inside sat there for a couple minutes and waited for the bell ringer for the Salvation Army. He went inside to use the bathroom.”

Surveillance photos show the two females inside the store making sure the coast was clear. Next police said they exited the store and used a bolt cutter to cut the lock and took a kettle full of cash, about $300, this at a time when the Salvation Army is behind in donations by about $400,000. 

Officer Bahr said, “Prior to this crime, she had been smoking k 2 which is synthetic marijuana.”

When Fulbright was arrested Friday afternoon, evidence including the top of a red kettle, a lock and baseball bat was recovered. The cracked bat was used to break open the kettle. Police said Fulbright told them she did so she could buy more drugs.  Bahr said, “She said she was sorryand she knew she would be caught.”

Meanwhilethe second Fenton incident occurred across the highway at a Walmart.  Officer Aaron Dilks said, “She attempted to conceal it with a bag she brought in.”

Police said Dona Hall drove right out of the store on a power wheelchair with a brand new cookware set. When they went to Hall’s homes to arrest her, they discovered the cookware was a Christmas present.  Officer Dilks said, “They asked where the stolen merchandize wasand she pointed to the wrapped gift under the tree.”  A man who identified himself as Hall’s son said his mother insists she paid for the cookware and is consulting an attorney.

In the stolen kettle case police credit good witnesses with helping solve the crime and detectives also think Tiffany Fulbright may be responsible for another kettle theft in Ladue earlier this week.