Jacology: 2013 in review

Posted on: 2:56 pm, December 18, 2013, by , updated on: 02:15pm, December 18, 2013

(KPLR) – In Wednesday’s Jacology, Charles Jaco looks at the year that was.

Ah, 2013. It still sounds like the future. Only two years shy of the year Marty McFly went to in Back to The Future part two, where skateboards could flyand the cubs won the World Series. Well, we didn’t end up with that kind of year. Both skateboards and the cubs are still firmly on the ground. But, since a lot of the year did resemble science fiction, herewith a completely biased and subjective survey of the biggest stories of the year.

The failed debut of the Obamacare web site and a White House that couldn’t get it’s stories straight probably leads the pack. You can keep your insurance. You can keep your doctor. The website will work just fine. All of those now rank with the Titanic’s captain saying, iceberg, what iceberg?  Then comes Edward Snowden, a National Security Agency contractor who made off with decades of U.S. secrets, and revealed that the American government’s surveillance operations both overseas and at home are a lot wider than anyone ever imagined.

The Cardinals won the pennant, but didn’t go much farther. St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley seemed abandoned by all of his allies. The FBI looked at conflict of interest in the contract for the county’s new crime lab. Terror bombing brothers struck at the Boston marathon. George Zimmerman was found not guilty of killing Trayvon Martin. The Pope resigned, and a new Pope changed the Catholic Church’s direction. After half a century, work finally started on remodeling the Arch grounds. The civil war in Syria destroyed millions of lives.

Notice I didn’t mention the Jodi Arias trial. Or anything Mylie Cyrus did. Or the new royal baby. Or the Kardashians. That stuff’s the news equivalent of a Big Mac washed down with a cotton candy shake topped with pork rinds and a couple of sliders. It rots your brain. Speaking of brain rot, 2014 is an election year. So there’s that. Yay.

I’m Charles Jacoand that’s Jacology.

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