Harlem Globetrotter targets bullying among teens

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GRANITE CITY, IL (KTVI)– A heavy duty message today mixed with some  fun from a Harlem Globetrotter star.
Cheese Chisholm, known for his wide smile and his ball handling skills, brought the Globetrotter`s  anti-bullying campaign to Coolidge Junior High in Granite City today.

He hopes the kids will listen to an outsider and learn to walk away from a bully.  Earlier this year the school had some bullying issues.  School officials hoped today`s message will resonate with the young teens.

Chisholm held the attention of some four hundred seventh graders at the end of a day.  He urged them to study and work hard, follow their dreams and passions and stand up for those who are bullied.

The basketball team known for its entertaining players has given more than 400 programs around the country teaching kids how to prevent bullying.  It`s called the ‘A-B-C`s of Bullying Prevention.’   It stands for Action, Bravery, and Compassion.
‘Take action by telling an adult about the bullying,’ Chisholm urged the students.  ‘Be brave and walk away from a bully,’ he said as he reminded the students bullies just are looking for attention.  ‘Show compassion in your heart and be a friend to other students,’ Chisholm concluded.

Coolidge principal Patrick Curry admitted seventh and eighth grade students were often challenging.  But ‘hopefully,’ Curry said, ‘if they take a positive message to really treat others with respect and kindness,’ the assembly will have succeeded.
Earlier in the year Coolidge experienced some bullying issues.  In November some students held a rally outside the school urging kids to stop bullying others.

After the Christmas vacation, social studies teachers at Coolidge will begin teaching a ten week curriculum on the prevention of bullying and harassment.

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