Bus driver accused of busting kid’s lip; bribing him with soda and jerky

Posted on: 9:26 pm, December 18, 2013, by

FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)– A daycare bus driver is accused of hitting a six-year-old in the lip with a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Brian Sparks, 42, was trying to get Malachi Bender to be quiet during a bus ride to the child’s school Wednesday morning, according to the Ferguson Police Department.

Bender also said Sparks took him to a store and bought him a soda and beef jerky after the incident.

Fox 2′s Anthony Kiekow spoke exclusively with Bender and his mother Wednesday.

“You buy him treats to get him to be quiet,” Malachi’s mom Lashawn Bender said. “That is not okay.”

Malachi said after he was dropped off at his school he told his teacher what happened.

“I told her that my lip was bleeding and their was blood all down my shirt,” Malachi said.

Sparks works for ‘Future Geniuses Learning Center” in Ferguson.

The daycare director said “no of course not” when asked if Sparks would continue to driver kids while the incident was being investigated.

Sparks will have to appear in court to answer for the alleged assault in Jan. 2014.

“He should not be driving any kids,” Lashawn said.