Missouri Republicans and Democrats just agreed to socialism for Boeing

Posted on: 4:06 pm, December 9, 2013, by , updated on: 01:01pm, December 9, 2013

(KPLR) – In Monday’s Jacology, Charles Jaco looks at socialism for Boeing.

The Republican Missouri General Assembly and the democratic Missouri Governor just spent four days endorsing socialism.  Their whirlwind special session concluded with them voting for one billion 700 million dollars in taxpayer gifts to the Boeing corporation. This seems huge to me and you, but actually only amounts to about five months profit for Boeing. Boeing, you see made almost $4 billion dollars in pure profit last year.  But, corporate socialism is just fine with the leaders in Jeff City. Just don’t ask them to okay anything like food stamps or expanded Medicaid for needy individuals.

Missouri wants Boeing to move production of its 777-X airliner to the Show-Me State. About another dozen states are also begging for Boeing. But in exchange for a few thousand highly paid, highly skilled jobs, Boeing wants a lot. A whole lot. Boeing wants the usual run of tax breaks that governments hand out to corporations. But Boeing, get this, is also demanding that the state government buy the land where the plant will be located, build the manufacturing plant, purchase part of the specialized machinery it will use, and then either let Boeing use it for free or simply give it to Boeing.

Boeing also doesn’t want to pay much, if anything in taxes. So in addition to getting the land, the building, and the equipment pretty much for free, Boeing also demands either elimination or deep cuts in its corporate income tax, excise taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, business license fees, gross receipts taxes, and franchise fees. Boeing’s eleven page proposal for the plant sent to each state makes the kind of demands a spoiled six year old makes around Christmas.

And yet Missouri’s willing to deal in what the Post-Dispatch, correctly called legalized bribery. But this is what happens once an economy almost collapses, loses hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs, and replaces them with jobs at Walmart and  McDonalds. People are willing to go to almost any lengths to get better jobs. Including socialism for one of the most profitable corporations on earth.

I’m Charles Jaco, and that’s Jacology.

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  • tk says:

    Charles Jaco is a hypocrite! Talk about socialism – look at who we have for a president!!! Let him do a special on the socialism that Obama is spreading around!

  • klg says:

    It’s amazing to me that Missouri has one of the highest number of people who are hungry, failing schools, high crime and they refused to expand medicaid at no cost to them thru “Obamacare” and yet they will agree to another instance of corporate “welfare”!

  • TK says:

    “At no cost to them?” Not sure if you are aware of this or not, but Medicaid is not free… Money doesn’t magically appear for Medicaid nor come straight from the government. Money for Medicaid comes in the forms of taxes, paid by ALL taxpayers and then filtered through the government.

    • Todd Bond says:

      Hey Jaco, how about you and Gordon King get together for a session. Fill us in on how the two of you are going to bring jobs to the St. Louis area while bad mouthing one of our biggest and best employers. YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID!

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