St. Louis native dies in plane crash in Puerto Rico

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– A St. Louis family is looking for answers as to how their loved one died in a horrific plane crash in Puerto Rico. The family of 28-year-old Steven Gullberg was looking forward to a holiday season filled with happiness and joy.  Now they`re faced to deal with tragedy and loss.

On Monday night, Steven and a co-pilot were flying a cargo plane from the Dominican Republic along Puerto Rico`s north coast when somehow the plane made a rapid decent and crashed, there were no survivors. Steven`s brother Greg says now his family is questioning how the plane was maintained. They`re also keeping tabs on reports from Puerto Rico.

“It`s shocking to have a fun night in with your family and then suddenly get a call that says you don`t have a brother anymore.  I don`t know how to think or feel. I want to know what happened, why it happened and who`s responsible,”  said Gullberg.

The Hazlewood Central High School and Oklahoma Sooner graduated and went on to live his dream of becoming a pilot just like his dad.  Gullberg had been working for Fort Lauderdale based IBC Airways for less than 6 months and had years of flying experience.

“It looks like more than a simple crash. As a matter of fact all of the flight data shows that the plane just dropped out of the sky. Steven was such a great person, I have never met anyone who was so courageous and brave,” he said.

The family is going through the process of identifying Steven’s body and making funeral arrangements. Fox 2 also contacted IBC Airways for a comment on the incident but so far no response. The FAA is investigating the incident.

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