“Red, White and Blueprints” film focuses on Midwest revitalization

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Red, White and Blueprints is a documentary that hilights cities in the Rustbelt. Director Jack Storey talks about what defines the Rustbelt and the Industrial Heartland.

Moving from St. Louis to Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Beyond, the film is designed to inform and inspire a new generation of leaders to take the vital actions necessary to revitalize a great region. Among the subjects featured are Jeff and Randy Vines, the creators of the local apparel company STL-Style; Courtney Sloger, marketing and communications director of Focus St. Louis; and Patrick Brown, special assistant to Mayor Francis Slay.

See the film:

Documentary: Red, White and Blueprints
Sat, Nov. 23rd at 3:30pm
Tivoli Theatre