St. Louis Rams teaming up to keep items out of landfills

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Tony Krieg felt like a kid on Christmas morning Friday.

"Got a bag phone from the 1980s," says Tony Krieg the co-owner of Midwest Recycling Center.  "Older computers with the monochromatic screens, the Apples, course the old ancient console wood TV's."

Krieg's Midwest Recycling Center teamed up with the St. Louis Rams, Goodwill, St. Louis Green and Anheuser Busch to collect unwanted electronics and more.

"So today we're recycling mattresses and holiday lights and plastic pots, and we've got Goodwill taking clothes and that kind of stuff," says Craig Jung the St. Louis Green Executive Director.  "MRC is doing all the electronics, so old TV's and it's awesome."

Friday is America Recycles Day where old unwanted items were being dropped off and will eventually find new homes.

"About 35% of the stuff that we get in we're able to re-use," says Krieg.  "All of it is recyclable.  None of it ends up in a landfill."

This is a team to be reckoned with when it comes to recycling.

"We've had our AB recycling corporation since the 1970's," says Kathy Casso, the VP Corporate Social Responsibility for Anheuser Busch.  "We recycle 99.6% of all the by-products in our brewing and packaging process."

This one day event is expected to bring in 30,000 pounds of recycled goods, some of which might have some personal info attached.

Old copy machines can have hard drives and hold 40,000 copies of the pages that went through it.

"Course you got your cell phones, laptops and PC's," says Krieg.  "But it may be a typewriter ribbon that someone typed a personal letter on.  It could be an old answering machine and we make sure all that old data is destroyed."

Destroyed, and recycled.

Those are the best kind of gifts for Tony Krieg.