O’Fallon water main break: one lane reopened

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(KTVI) - After a water-main break in O’Fallon, Missouri, police said Monday morning's rush hour was slow and sloppy.

Officers said a witness called for help around 1:15 a.m.  A huge crack opened in the center of Main Street between East Elm Street and Civic Park Drive.  A water main broke and sent water flowing over all four lanes of traffic.

Until crews could get repairs started, patrol officers shut down Main Street.  Officers opened one lane in both directions by rush hour.  But, they said they had no idea when they could all lanes opened, so they suggested drivers make other plans to get to work.

If you usually take Main Street south to Interstate 70:

-         Take Civic Park Drive west to Woodlawn Avenue south.  Turn east on Church Street to get back on Main Street.

If you usually take Main Street northbound:

-          Take East Pitman, then continue north on Sonderen Street.  Then, take Eggering to northbound St. Margaret.  Turn west on St. Joseph Avenue to reach northbound Main.

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