Produce prices on the rise

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Summer is the perfect time of the year for enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables, but they may soon take a bite out of your wallet.

On Produce Row in St. Louis, the wholesale price of green beans has gone from $15 a case to almost $50 a case in about two weeks.

So what's happening?

In a manner of speaking, it's because of a perfect storm of terrible weather: extremely hot to the west, extremely wet to the south and extremely cold to the north.

Produce sellers like Tom Goeke at Herman's Farm in Boschertown started noticing the steep climb in wholesale prices within the past ten days.

"Everything is slowly creeping up. A $20 case of lettuce is $35 to $40," Goeke said. "It is going to catch up with everybody and I think maybe the conditions that are in place right now, if they all stopped tomorrow, this is still going to continue on because the damage has been done all around the country."

Not all the news is bad because not all the weather is bad. In the Midwest, it has been very mild and that means vendors selling locally grown produce will see less of an impact on those items.

A spokesperson from Schnucks Markets tells FOX 2 News while its buyers have seen a short term hike in the price of strawberries, everything else is stable because large supermarkets use large networks of suppliers which help them get through short term shortages without steep price increases.

But for smaller vendors, they have two choices: raise the price or take the loss.

For now, Herman's farm has decided the best thing to do with their losses is eat them.

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