Rash of car break-ins keep police busy overnight

(KTVI)- St. Louis Metropolitan Police scrambled to keep up with a rash of car break-ins overnight and early this morning.

Guests at the Holiday Inn Express, on Lafayette Avenue and South Jefferson Avenue, found someone smashed several windows and took property from just about each and every car.  This was around Midnight Monday.  It was clear someone went through these cars looking for something. 

You could see people’s clothes and other belongings just thrown all over the parking lot.  This was the same hotel where several cars were broken into just days before.  One victim said suspects stole a gun from his car.

The night would not end there for police.  Drivers in Downtown St. Louis found the same scene just outside of the J. Buck’s restaurant on 10th and Clark Streets.  This was just minutes later.  Several vehicles had their windows smashed.  Cars were ransacked.  Police helped drivers try to figure out exactly what was missing.

At almost the same time, police rushed to the Lumiere Place Casino.  Someone reportedly broke into several cars parked in the garage on North 2nd and Carr Streets near Laclede’s Landing. 

Then, police officers in Midtown rushed to the JJ’s Clubhouse.  Several victims reported there were broken into near that bar.  This was at Market and Vandeventer Avenue. 

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