Tickets Selling Fast for $360 Million Powerball Jackpot

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OVERLAND, MO (KTVI) - Two lottery jackpots have spiked, and so have sales at local gas stations.

 Traffic started out at just a trickle at the Overland Mobile on the Run gas station on Page Ave and Woodson Road.  Veteran clerk, Nevada, manned the cash registers.

 “Welcome to Mobile on the Run,” she said to every customer who came through the door.

 Almost every customer in that pre-dawn trickle bought a lottery ticket.  She braced for a flood later in the morning.  That is because the Mega Millions Jackpot grew to $360-million and the Powerball grew to $190-million.

 Gary Dunn said he plays only every now and then.  But Wednesday morning, he was definitely buying a ticket for the lottery and some big plans.

 “I would retire.  I’d have fun.  Wouldn’t have a care in the world,” he said.  “Well, I’d go fishing, anything I want to do.”

 Darren Evans planned a preemptive strike, if he won.

 “I have to share it, too much to just spend on yourself.  You will have a lot of family members who will knock on your door,” he explained.  “A lot of people who are not family would knock on your door.”

 His friend, Kenneth Younger was considering the world of sports-team ownership.

 “I think if I won the money, I would get a minor league team,” he explained.  “Baseball is one of my dreams. We coach a little league team.”

 About an hour later, Brandon logged onto another register at Mobil on the Run to back up Nevada.  That slow stream of customers grew to a flood, because no one matched all the numbers in Tuesday night's Mega Millions Drawing.  That drawing is Friday night.  The Mega Millions drawing is tonight.

 And as for store managers, they say sales of tickets spike every time the lottery jackpot grows.  But, so do sales of other items. That equals more taxable revenue.  So, it looks like everyone in the area is winning already.

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